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est. April 13, 2012

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[!] Read this, please.

Hi everyone, we just wanted to clear some things about what’s supposed to happen on January 15th.

January 15th is NOT the DEBUT day of the girls.

We will know more info about the girls on January 15th, but they are NOT DEBUTING that day. You can say, we are just going to know them better.

Remember the group members still can change, maybe one of the girls we already know left (or maybe not), and we don’t know if all the members will be in the final group.

We wanted to make this clear to avoid any confusion or disappointment. 

Please be excited, hopefully we’ll know more about the possible members or even the group name! 

We just have 3 days left and the admins of FYNYGL will be keeping you updated with the latest information or anything relevant related to the girls. Remember you can always find us in our Twitter account or just leave us an ask here.

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