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est. April 13, 2012

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Anonymous: i have a strong feeling that the girl group will just be composed of 5 members. why? first, lalisa was coined as THE 5TH,i doesnt make sense if there are still 6th or 7th member, second, there is a group picture that i saw in YGDreamers with only five members: jennie, eunbi, jisoo, lalisa and an unknown girl. and lastly, yg once said in an interview that he is not sure if the gg will only be a 5 or 3 member gg... just sayin**

Lalisa was coined as THE 5TH because she was the fifth member to be revealed at that time. It was Eunbi, Euna, then Jennie, Jisoo and then “THE 5TH” so it makes sense like that. The picture you saw in YGDreamers with 5 members is a little old and as you can see from newer pictures like the fantaken ones, there are more girls now. YG also once said that the girl group will have more than 7 members and also said “we’re not even sure if it’s going to be an eight member group or nine member group.” YG says a lot of things. And yes (we got your next two messages about the same thing…) in the end, we just want them to debut too, despite how many members there are!

Anonymous: How do you get your info are you a stag member in yg or something?

No, we’re not YG~

Anonymous: have u ever talked to one of the confirmed members before??

No :(

Anonymous: Did the member that messaged u have a tumblr u_u

No member messaged us~

Anonymous: Hi, when you say that the 7th member is fluent in English, do you mean basic/general English, or really good English?? And congrats on your 2nd anniversary! ^^

We mean really really good English ~~ And thank you :D

Anonymous: yg said that all the girls speak English fluently, right?

No, YG never said that. YG stated on YG-Life, ”The trilingual members are fluent in Korean, English and Japanese” (source). 

Anonymous: i just want to thank you for continously updating us about the the new yg GG even if its 2 yrs since the news broke about YG debuting a girl group. if its me, i might give up on pursuing this site. so i adore you for this. i'm still holding YG's promise of him debuting a GG.. lets just hope fot the best. i know im getting emotional so im ending this by saying HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY to US!!! More power"' **

Yay! Thank you so much *^-^* We’re hoping for the best too!

Anonymous: Hello, you mean about the last name of the 7th member is it the family name or?

Hello! Yes, the family name.

Sorry, if it’s confusing. Understand that in western context, family name or surname is often referred as last name too.

Anonymous: Congrats on you anniversary! Is there a way to contact you guys? I have pictures of a few members that aren't revealed yet and i want to share with you!

Thanks! You can contact us through our tumblr if you’re not anonymous, or our email fyeahnewygladies@yahoo.com :)

Anonymous: where did you get these sources from your previous post about the new girl group? are you sure they are legit :s and is B or F her first name or? I am confuse sorry!

Someone messaged us about a girl saying that she is a member, so we looked her up and found out all about her and noticed that she was one of the girls in the fantaken pictures that were linked in the post. The info about her is legit! It’s just the matter if she’s still a member or not, but she should still be ^^ B nor F is her first name. Sorry that you’re confused!

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